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Wild Boar Handcrafted Italian Salami04 Dec 2013
The Tartufo starts as a Felino salami to which Cristiano adds black summer truffles03 Dec 2013
Barolo Red Wine Handcrafted Italian Salami02 Dec 2013


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  • Black from Hawaii Grinder
    The black Hawaii salt is fried from purified black lava stones. It is dry and has clean scents, with hints of smoke. Excellent with salmon, caviar, vegetables and salads, sushi, grilled meat and pasta  
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  • Blue from Persia Grinder
    This is a natural rock salt from Iran, very rich in potassium. The blue crystals is absolutely natural and depends on the variation of a mineral content, Sylvite. It is characterized by a strong flavor and a slightly spicy aftertaste. It goes well with all dishes and is ideal for decoration.  
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  • Bretagne Grey  Grinder
    Also known as Celtic salt, is harvested in the coasts of Britain and north-west of France since ancient times. It is rich in minerals contains the least sodium compared to common salt. It has the scents of the ocean and is ex excellent for streamed vegetables  
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  • Denmark Smoked  Grinder
    This is smoked with oak according to the ancient method of the Vikings. Extremely fragrant, medium flavor and has an intense smoky. Ideal for cooked vegetables, eggs, soups and also baked potatoes. A splash on fish right after cooking – gives it a smoky flavor.    96gm / Bottle     
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  • Flakes of Cypress Grinder
    Bright white, pyramid-shaped crystals. It is produced according to the traditional method of the Mediterranean. It dissolves immediately in contact with food. Fresh and sweet, no bitter aftertaste. Ideal for meat, fish, vegetables and salads 86 gm / Bottle   
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